Youtubers are visiting Pakistan! I love it so much!

I love that there are a bunch of youtube travel people sharing amazing videos of Pakistan these days. It is so amazing to see that!

The last one I just saw was $10. a day in Karachi. He had a massive pile of stuff that he bought from local shops for $10. and he was delirious with joy.

The food videos are my favorite.

This is an awesome video of Lahore -with drone footage- amazing music- in urdu-and he has all other cities too. Really great filmmaker! Great camera. Amazing editing.

Not to give myself too much credit- but I one of the OG’s of these videos- this one goes back a while:

The whole thing just makes me happy. I am happy Pakistan is safer for travel now, safe for exploring. I am happy people are sharing with the world all of the delicious street food. I am psyched the world is getting to see what we have known the whole time- that their idea about Pakistan is misinformed. I like that there is an opportunity to change the narrative, like Rhythm and Raga.

The best part of all is what every one of these youtubers is saying about the people of Pakistan. How kind, how hospitable, how friendly, how they come up and shake your hand…
Makes me so happy! So happy.

Is it all perfect in Pakistan? No. Is this just a travelers slice of the city? Yes, why not?

I am so glad Pakistan’s tasty treats are making their way to the interconnecting world of Youtube!