Hit a rough patch -The Unity Project Heather Schmid in Pakistan

These are the moments that musicians like me live for. These are what it is all about. This universal language that cuts through political unrest, cuts through language, cuts through the dramas of the day and connects. Just connects. History and present, patriotism and a foreigner, east and west, music is universal. These musical moments are universal. It is what connects us all. This isn’t some pop singer humming through a quick melody and throwing a beat down in a software in 5 minutes. These are musical, lyrical legends applying their life lessons, life struggles, life triumphs swirling them up and applying them into this moment. Because, you know, we all bring our successes, our training, our life lessons to our creative endeavors- thats what makes them so unique. Thats what this is all about. Its not about me, its not about a famous pakistani lyricist, or an accomplished pakistani composer. Its not about my Los Angles based music producer, or my killer guitar playing friend from Boston Symphony Orchestra, or about the Berklee Music producer. Its not about the musicians from rural villages -from each province of Pakistan playing their indigenous instrument like they had done so many times before… its about all of us. Its about the synergy of us all together. the collaboration of all of our life experiences into one. All of these vastly different life views, life struggles, accomplishments- putting them all together. To do that creatively and always have this thing- this product, this song, that we did together. Something that symbolizes putting all of the politics all of our differences aside and just bing human. just being artists together. Now, that is something.

Karachi Photoshoot