Heather Schmid has proven herself a tour de force in the entertainment arena. With aplomb, she has transcended entertainment lines as a lyricist, television host, spokesperson, philanthropist, and singer. Her versatility has propelled her into the celebrity stratosphere as an entertainment music diplomat.

Heather Schmid has enchanted audiences throughout the world, headlining on stages in Europe, Asia, and North America. She has played to audiences of tens of thousands strong in various public fora. She has also played to small, private audiences including such world dignitaries as the President of Pakistan, Benazier Bhutto and Queen Noor. She has traveled abroad extensively to promote her albums, The Goddess Within, and The Goddess Awaits. Additionally, Heather has appeared on television both in the United States and internationally. Heather’s television show on CCTV News, entitled, “The Ambassador”, has garnered over two hundred million viewers.

While Heather’s body of work is decidedly modern, her immense talent shone early and her craft is the product of years of hard work and dedication. Throughout her childhood years, Heather trained at an exclusive, internationally-acclaimed music school in Connecticut. Her work ethic resulted in a full talent scholarship to attend Boston University. At Boston University, she was classically trained as an opera singer, composer, and pianist. As a lyric soprano, Heather picked up roles in the United States and Europe during college.

Concurrent with her college graduation, Heather traveled to Las Vegas and competed in the Miss Millennium International Pageant. Heather won the title and used it as a springboard for her career as a pop dance artist. As a pop dance artist, Heather traveled the United States accumulating a large fan base nationwide. After a year- long tour, Heather collaborated with Grammy- nominated producer Rich Balmer and recorded the album, “The Goddess Within”. The album, “The Goddess Within” was a crowning achievement both professionally and personally as Heather co-wrote much of the album. She secured her first opportunity to produce the album, “Close Your Eyes.” This album showcases all-live drums, guitar, bass, and keyboards. The upbeat, vivacious rhythm intentionally awakens a zest for life in the listener. All of the songs on this album stem from Heather’s deeply-rooted belief that each woman has an inner “Goddess” yearning to be unleashed. This inner voice of self-determinism allows every woman to reach her potential both as an individual and as a member of society. This is a universal, positive force that can unify all people regardless of race, ethnicity, and religion.

Heather is a new-breed, millennial performer. Within our extant global community, Heather envisions her music as the bridge that can span cultural differences and connect people in their over-arching sameness.