Heather Schmid, an American GRAMMY member international recording artist, classically trained singer, musician, lyricist, television host, spokesperson and philanthropist. She aims to present MUSIC FOR HEALING through her new album “Heather Schmid Mozart Arias”. With her social reach of 294k followers on Facebook, a total of 2.9M views on Youtube, 18.4k followers on Instagram and 6k on Twitter(as of this writing) she wanted to use her music and influence to spread wellness through Classical Music.

Backed-up by science and proven by various studies, Classical Music can provide amazing benefits, it can reduce stress, help you relax, and fight depression. And specifically, Mozart’s music has been proven to help boost memory, to spark creativity and productivity. And because of that, Heather has then taken it as her role to encourage the use of Classical Music, especially Mozart’s masterpieces, for therapy. She strongly believes that despite how chaotic the world around us can get, we can always use music as an outlet to de-stress, let go and revitalize. On “Heather Schmid Mozart Arias”, Heather compiled four of Mozart’s most beautiful Arias, in hopes that her listeners will be healed and be uplifted while enjoying her music, the same way that she truly healed and enjoyed while working on the album.

Throughout her childhood years, Heather trained at the well-known Harrt School of Music in Connecticut. Her work ethic resulted in a full talent scholarship to attend Boston University. She was classically trained as an opera singer, composer, and pianist. As a lyric soprano, Heather picked up roles in the United States and Europe during college. Singing classical operas is definitely Heather’s first love.

Concurrent with her college graduation, Heather traveled to Las Vegas and competed in the Miss Millennium International Pageant. Heather won the title and used it as a springboard for her career as a pop dance artist.

As a pop dance artist, Heather traveled the United States accumulating a large fan base nationwide. After a year- long tour, Heather collaborated with Grammy- nominated producer Rich Balmer and recorded the album, “The Goddess Within”. This album was a crowning achievement both professionally and personally as Heather co-wrote much of the album. She secured her first opportunity to produce the album, “Close Your Eyes.” This album showcases all-live drums, guitar, bass, and keyboards. She has traveled abroad extensively to promote her albums, The Goddess Within, and The Goddess Awaits.

Additionally, Heather has appeared on television both in the United States and internationally. Heather’s television show on CCTV News, entitled, “The Ambassador”, has garnered over two hundred million viewers in China. She also has her own documentary entitled Rhythm and Raga last.

Heather made significant contributions to music internationally since 2005. She headlined tours in Europe, Asia, and North America – and successfully brought her music closer to her very diverse audience. She definitely had tremendous accomplishments in advocating Cultural Diplomacy and simply breaking barriers through her music. For that reason, she recorded the Unity Song “Pehlay Hum Pakistani Hain” for Pakistan – which was massively embraced by Pakistani nationals. Heather also released a single “Bol Ke Lab Azad Hain Tere”- a revolution song to celebrate Pakistani Nobel Prize Nominee poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Her experience in travelling different parts of the world, meeting different people and exploring different cultures has molded her to the versatile artist she is today.

After seeing different parts of the world and immersing herself through different cultures, Heather Schmid’s entire career had a deeper meaning and a greater purpose, which is to ALWAYS help others.


2003 Make A Choice
2006 The Goddess Within
2006 Close Your Eyes
2008 Touching Down (100% To Charity Global Village Single)
2010 Godess Awaits
2012 Save The Night (Single)
2013 Unity Song Pehlay Hum Pakistani Hain (Single)
2016 Transformations
2020 Bol Ke Lab Azad Hain Tere (Single)
2021 Mozart Arias