They say “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” But,

I have also found “What doesn’t kill you makes you wiser.”

I just lived through the most profoundly, transformative 3

years of my life.

The past 3 years were amazing and harrowing.

They were heart-stoppingly dramatic and they were so


At one moment tormenting and then entirely miraculous.

Spectacular and mind blowing and then truly heart

renching. I learned it was never about me. I learned about

life and death and about humanity. I will never, ever be the

same. ever.

Most of all, I learned about the Transformative Power of Music.

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and I really

hope wiser” So, I took the essence of the experiences.

The soul of it, and collaborated with a few very definitely

wise creators, and we are ready to present it to you now.

This show is a mind, body and soul journey.

A Transformation.

The visions of spiritual healers.

Technology and Choreography.

A Connection to the force that is the essence of life.

Who we are. the secret of life.

As an artist, the hope is that you can hone your talent long

enough, and with enough time and expertise to become a

vehicle for that unspeakable, unknowable piece of essence

to communicate to the audience.

It is my hope, that in some way through practice and years

of study and hard work and discipline my instrument may

be the messenger delivering to the listener.

Peace, release of negativity, tranquility, solace, knowledge they

These are almost universally positive healing messages.

It is my practice to get out of the way and allow the story or words or melody to flow through so that I can just

story or words or melody to flow through so that I can just

be the transport.


live show. album. musical experience.

love heather.