5 Things you don’t know about Pakistanis…

5 things you don’t know about Pakistani People…

I love the intensity with which Pakistani people love their country, food, life, sports, and music. A bustling nation full of life and expression. There are no inhibitions here! Not a shy nation.
Pakistanis’ make you feel just like one of their family. They open their hearts to you. I love the open Hearts ( khoola dill) and brave hearts (zinda dill) of Pakistani. Everything that has gone on, there is still this feeling of openness.
Pakistanis’ are really smart. They know the ground realities regarding politics, politicians, economics and world politic.  There are just a lot of smart articulate people here. And, they will tell it like it is.
I found the average Pakistani to be free, fun loving, positive and upbeat.  I love the spirit of celebration from Basant to Marriages to Palistan cricket team winning celebrations. This is a nation that likes a good party.
I love how everyone here is called Auntie or Uncle. There is a cultural respect of elders that is really refreshing. People commonly refer to each other as sister and brother, older people have titles, parents are not called by there first names. That is not even mentioning the major charities like EDHi which helps the country provide ambulance services and emergency relief through out the whole country. A really honest respected charity.

 People don’t know all of the good qualities about Pakistanis. The fun loving, the smart, the charitable, the caring part. I was reminded when I was in Pakistan this time people are getting the wrong idea about Pakistan. So, I should at least talk about my experiences in Pakistan. How I was treated, how easily I traveled throughout the country and how nice everyone was to me.
Pakistan Zindabad


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  1. That’s really very sweet of you. I’m sure I speak for all Pakistanis when I say we would love to have you visit us again.

    1. Assallam o alaikum,your comments and nice experience in our country,Pakistan has boost my moral a lot.Thanks for being so open n considerate.khuda hafiz,tc

    2. Aslam o Alekum,
      I read your post and I like it very much because you wrote about my country and culture and promote it.thanks

  2. Love it, thanks alot Heather for portraying the true image of Pakistan and us Pakistanis despite of all the mess our politicians have done to give this country and its people a bad image!

    You are always welcomed in Pakistan! 🙂

  3. Thank you for the nicest comment about our country and visiting it. i know u must hav been told by your friends to stay away. 🙂 cheeers

  4. You are awesome, Thankyou for sharing this, only a Pakistani or a person who has visited Pakistan can understand this. “Pakistan Zindabaad” (Long live Pakistan)

  5. heather schmid , only a person , who has no malice in her/his heart for anyone but bad people , can write this , our beloved country has been portrayed badly too much for no reason , yes there are some pockets of concern but , we are thankful to you that you have shown the ACTUAL PICTURE . LONG LIVE PAKISTAN , and thank you again , respected lady .

  6. You have summarized few of the major traits of Pakistanis in a very nice manner 🙂 ! thanks alot for appreciating the little good in us 🙂 what you missed about us that Most of the Pakistanis are truly enthusiastic about the country and would love to go out of the way to help the nation or our neighboring countries 🙂 !!!

    Your opinions are highly appreciated and we would welcome you again if you wish to come back 🙂 !

    Stay Blessed !

  7. Thank you for the right and nicest comments about our country. One thing I must share here is that Pakistan is not the country which is being protrated in the news. Pakistanis the the worlds most hospitable nation and we love every one, yeah we have alot of problems like we don’t have honest leadership but as a nation we are awesome. Thank you

  8. Thank Asia for your love and views about Pakistan . All Pakistani love you and welcome you again and again. Pakistan is your susral ( home of your in laws ) and we have tradition here that Susral welcome their Baaho (daughter in law ) . You really study the nature of Pakistani so well. Thank you for removing misconception that western media created about Pakistan.

  9. Thank UUUU !!! We could be so much better if left alone in the circus of world politics, like we used to be before 9/11 . Love u for ur open heart too .

  10. awww thank you sooo much sweety…
    You are lways welcome here In pakistan 🙂
    we woul loe to see you again . there is still much more to explore 🙂

  11. If you love each and every thing about Pakistan and Pakistanis, then why we called terrorist country around the globe and why over passport don’t have its value ?

  12. Really inspiring info…
    u vl never find a place like pakistan in the world.
    really motivated nation n brave one

    God Bless Pakistan
    prod to be a Pakistani

  13. U r Always welcome in Pakistan..
    loved to read ur compliments about Pakistan..
    Pakistan Zindabad was the best part of ur whole conversation 🙂
    love u Heather schmid 🙂

  14. whoah this weblog is fantastic i like reading your articles. Stay up the good work! You recognize, a lot of people are searching round for this information, you could aid them greatly.

  15. Thank You so much for having understood us Pakistanis. For your true and honest opnion, Pakistan really loves you and you are welcome over n over again.
    Every time it will be a home coming, I assure you.

    Take Care.

  16. Bless you, my dear! You brought a smile to my lips and tears to my eyes. Our hearts have bled so often for our poor nation that its a rare pleasure to feel good about ourselves.

  17. that’s very kind of you.. 🙂
    a BIG thanks to you 4 expressing us to the world..!! we hope that u visit us again and give us the chance to servr u.. 🙂 may god bless u.!!!

  18. Good to see what u experience in Pakistan , you communicate to others as well, this will surely refresh positive image of our country, what media portray is completely different from what actually it is.

    thanks heather schmid 🙂

  19. I appreciate what u av writtenin your article.. for us ‘Pakistanis’ the world needsto understand these things…and look at th this land ad let it breaht ihinks that we are nothing but a nation full of terrorists..i mean we all know whats happening here and il thank u once again for reminding us and the world of what pakistan is 🙂 keep rocking!

  20. Thank you so much for expressing your positive views about PAKISTAN and letting the world know about your personal experiences in the country
    we really hope you come back soon with lots of fellow friends this time
    may be you can have a concert here too
    best regards

  21. well thats all true…
    people just need to be realist… good and evil is everywhere alike.. its fact that international media almost never highlight the good side of Pakistan …

  22. Thank you so much Heather. Yes! We respect our guests. This article is really helpful in creating Pakistan’s positive image. Waiting for your song 🙂

  23. Thankyou for visiting our Country, Please let everyone know the truth of Pakistan that what it is and what people says … May be your words will change the world and though about our nation.

    Thanks again


  24. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! You just got a new follower! Thanks for portraying a good image of Pakistan! Thanks for proving that we are NOT terrorists! You are always welcome in Pakistan whenever you want! May Allah give you a long and successful life full of joy and laughter! May Allah bless you! Goodbye.

  25. Your right Heather Schmid, but there is lot more fun and respect in Pakistan which you need to dicover. I can only say, come again and explore more about Pakistan.

  26. glad to read all about the good things about our country heather schmid.
    I think you still remember me.
    you are always welcome and thaks for promoting the peaceful Pakistan before the prejudice world.

  27. Yes, this is how My Pakistan is, but the media all our the world spreading bad image of our country which is very embarrassing n hurt us alot. Thanks to you for visiting n for such a lovely post:) Respect!

  28. Thanks Heather for writing about great country, great nation. Do visit us often. Allah bless you. You are also lady of khulla dil and zinda dil 🙂
    Blessings all the way from Lahore.

  29. Thank you so much for your kind words. Do visit us again i am sure you will going to find a hundred more things that world doesn’t know about us. Thanks again.

  30. we all pakistani are thanksful to you.Its so nice to hear abt my country.Do visit paksitan and give me a chance for becoming your hosts

  31. So nice of you Heather, for expressing positive feeling for this nation. Unfortunately, since its independence this nation remained in the throws of super Power rivalry. They have rich traditions and history. They never create problems, rather love peace, harmony. But since the days of Alexander the Great they were never left alone. In recent history from Tsar period Russia wanted to enter India from regions now form Pakistan. Last effort was made by Soviet Union and spilled blood, introduced drugs and weapons in this region and now US and NATO are trying their muscles and force us on war path. We pray Neo-cons do not push US government for adventure in Iran and beyond, otherwise once again our children are going to face chaotic period. If sensible and dispassionate people like Heather Schmid peep deeper in this country and try to analyze causes of crisis, they will realize, Pakistan never ever created a situation for anyone. Stay blessed Heather.

  32. thnx alot for showing the real image of Pakistan.
    we all love to see you again . there is still much more to explore 🙂
    Bless you dear 🙂

  33. Ahhhhhh….At last someone presented unbiased and true picture of my beautiful country. We welcome you to our homeland and invite you to mesmerizing scenery of Northern Area of Pakistan….

  34. i wish our media could also show some thing good which we have. every cloud has a silver lining. it depends on attitude….cloud or the silver lining. indeed very very encouraging

  35. Hi,
    I would like to thank you for your kind comments and showing respect not only towards our country but our culture as well. On behalf of the entire nation, I would like to invite you again to be our guest and learn more about Pakistan. Thank you once again for this wonderful article. GOD Bless you.

  36. Thank you so much. Every moring I read your blog as it has give me HOPE. Thank You Baji. Our media and our government should take a note of your brave efforts. I am your fan for life. Love your songs your voice and you are incredibly beautiful. And I say that respectfully. I am hoping our media and our government will soon admire as much we admire you. Gode Bless your soul. And again thank you for giving us hope and positive image. I say that with happy tears in my eyes.

  37. Thanx for your comments about our homeland Pakistan.
    Actually you are a gud person so u feel good for others and express your feeling honestly.

  38. It is very encouraging to read your opinion about us and our country.Yes it is true that pakistan is a Great country,the only difference between you and us is that we are not all that honest as people like you,I wish and pray that the financial need of pakistan improves so that we are not forced to ask for the help of others.

  39. thank u so much. i love u and your experience in my country. its so pleasure for having u and sharing such a marvelous and beautiful opinions for my country.. Please come again and again.. we’ll always welcome u..

  40. Heather me my family my neighbors my college friend are IN LOVE WITH YOU.
    As a 21 year old I feel you have done a great service to people of Pakistan. You are true role model for any women in the world. I saw your some of your YouTube videos visited your website and Facebook. Everyone in Pakistan has a Heather on them. You are a symbol of strength and hope. Heather you may never realize that how greatful we Pakistani are to you . You are so brave fearless talented gifted your love for Pakistan is so pure. Please tell the world that we are peace loving fun nation. Heather we nominate you as our representative as our Ambassdor to Pakistan. I live your song Save the night and Sneaky Boy. Please count us your fan for life and your groupie. Heather Schmid Zindabad Pakistan Zindabad

  41. Heather this absolutely true reflection of Pakistan and Pakistanis, Thanks for at least a start from west on portraying a positive image of our country that this country is not actually full of fanatics but a lively country with enriched culture and respect for every human from every religion.

  42. Assalam-o-Alikum,

    I really surprised and happy on your feedback for our country. Thank you for your positiveness. I am also from Karachi and would like to recommend you to plan a trip for northern areas of Pakistan like Ayyubia, Sawat, Naran, Kaghan, Gilgit etc… because of it’s natural beauty.

    Love this line “Pakistan Zindabad!” :). We peoples really respect our guests like you.

    Thank you,

  43. Realy nice words and work … we all people do appreciate you work and cause. It will be my absulte pleasure if i could be a part of your cause. Pakistan is realy different than its ploted image. Dear you will find many volunteer like me who wish to work for your cause. You are more than welcome for any support and help from our side


    Sohaib Rasul


  44. Liked it, not because she has praised our country. because for the 1st time some one has honestly narrated this country… Thanks

  45. Thank you Miss Heather for explaining and noting all the positive things about our beloved Pakistan, which even I was not aware of. If you, as a westerner say so, it must be true. May it come true, anyway.

    We hope you will come and settle down in our beloved country and marry a pakistani – like Imran Khan of PTI. He plays cricket, and is very handsome, and is very rich. Our pakistani men are very romantic, somewhat rough, but virile, and not only practice Khullam dilli and zinda dill but also khullam khulla. Also please visit the Heera mandi (Pearl market) in Lahore, where I live. It is wonderful for bric-a-bracs and as a beautiful foreign person, you will be able to make a lot of money.
    Pakistan zindibad. Khuda Hafeez.

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