Performance at the National Charm Star Competition in Nanjing China

Nanjing, China

Beijing Opera

In a festival merging Eastern and Western musical traditions, the Nationwide Chinese Charm Star Competition in Nanjing China awarded money prizes, large trophies and plaques to winners in 3 categories: Musician, Singer and Model. Some eager competitors performed employing Chinese instruments like the Pipa and Guchen. Other individuals wowed the audience and judges with classical piano sonatas. But it was a standard folk melody fused with jazz improvisations that won more than the title for Charm Star Best Musician. Much to the enjoyment of Schmid, resident skilled Recording Artist, the five finalists for Charm Star Very best Singer all carried out all American pop songs.

Pop, Opera, and a Chinese Folk Songs all contributed to the l ive present Schmid carried out at the competition. Dancer?s backed up ?Conserve the Evening? and ?Mo Li Hua? as Schmid belted out the choruses and riffed ad libs to a cheering audience.

Just before the live last competitors, Schmid and Berklee Professor of Guitar, Jonathan Finn, every gave a master class to students from the Nanjing Standard University. Finn played guitar, providing examples and jamming with student players. Schmid spoke about the differences between executing and singing Opera and Pop music. Schmid and Finn, along with entertainment corporation Goddess Inc.?s CEO Rafay Mehdi, also met and mentioned similarities with musicians in the US and China with University department heads.

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