Pakistan Project Nov11


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Pakistan Project

Music shifts paradigms.
Pakistan needs a paradigm shift, a uniting force.  Music is a unifying force to bring people together.

Imagine a song based on dumadum must kalunder. This is historically a trancelike song. It literally means ‘get into a trance’. The theme is ‘first I am Pakistani’. The song will draw each ethnicity into the song to represent their regional music and beats.

Music video with faces of Pakistani. The most famous people in Pakistan, the poor people in Pakistan and everyone in between.
Music will shift paradigms.

There is one thing that is common to all 6 million people.
When we are all born, we all respond to
The language of

Music is the common bridge we can connect to in every brain.

Today Pakistan is fragmented
Pakistan speaks different languages, have different religions, and have regional alliances.
They are at odds emotionally and physically. Fragmented.

The leaders that they follow are not uniters. They are dividers. It is in division they win. Political leaders produce disunity to get elected and more votes.

Pakistan is also a country of passion. Whatever they put their mind to, they accomplish with passion. Pakistan becomes united in winning. When Pakistan wins cricket, they are united.

But Pakistan’s passion is fragmented. The fragmentation is being produced by 3 groups
And landlords
There is evidence available to show how music plays an Important role in dividing or uniting people.

Goddess inc has successfully utilized music to create real estate in the human mind.
Mo li hua is an example.


Imagine a song that is simple, singable, based on a recognizable melody and is a musical experience. This has never been experienced in SE Asia.

This song will unite Pakistan. They are passionately proud and nationalistic.

Creating the song ‘Pelay hum Pakistani hey’ will be a uniting song. It will be a simple song. For example- “I am balochistani, but first I am Pakistani.”

United Pakistan is a stable Pakistan.
United Pakistan is a safe Pakistan
United Pakistan is a democratic Pakistan